Transfer Skaters

Transfer skater policy

Any skater who has previously bouted with another league, or has been an active skater for more than a full season with a league but are not bouting yet, is eligible to transfer to CSRD with previous league recommendations to establish they were not dismissed from that league on bad terms. The transfer skater’s level of skating will be assessed by the Head Coach as soon as possible. Other transfers will wait for quarterly skills tests as directed by Head Coach. If her previous skating membership was connected to a pickup league entry status it is left to the Head Coach’s discretion after transfer interviews.

Any skater that should want to join with CSRD League must, at the discretion of the Head Coach, wait up to 30 days as a probationary period to be added to the roster. After the probationary period, they may be added to the roster immediately following an entrance interview and upon meeting all membership requirements.

Exception: Any returning CSRD Skater who left in good league standing or filed for a Leave of Absence is eligible to roster once minimum skills have been reassessed, and can vote immediately upon paying dues and demonstrating active member requirements.

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